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Thenewsgist : BETRAYAL OF TRUST BY ENGR.DR.CHARLES AJAH To the Governor of Enugu State

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Politics, according to David Estin, is the seizure of state power, the consolidation of state power, and the judicious use of the acquired state powers. This has been exemplified in the political-will of the executive governor of Enugu state, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu) for consolidating on the mandate of the people as governor. Thus, his decision to run all inclusive administration in the cause of equitable distribution of state resources, appointments and many more, amongst all citizens. This has always proven the economic prudence and genuine circulation of state aparatus in line with his conviction to leaving no one or any local government behind in his administration’s effort to ensuring non partisanship.

Gov Ugwuanyi’s assumption to office in 2015, saw the need to balance some of the government’s offices, both in the civil service, political appointments, boards and agencies to ensure it rotates amongst the three senatorial zones in the State. A true picture of the governor’s imprint on this achievement was the appointment of Engr. Dr. Charles Ajah, from Aninri into the ever busy and juicy position of authority in ImT as the school works director in 2015, and his subsequent reappointment for a second term to serving in the same capacity, immediately after the 2019 general election, which the governor overwhelmingly coasted to victory.

It’s imperative we state categorically here, that in Enugu West for many decades, Aninri local government has never produced such officer in ImT, except for Ezeagu and in particular, the family of Mameres who spent almost decades in that juicy position in the state owned institution. Gov Ugwuanyi, came as a governor and settled Aninri with that important position and many other lucrative jobs through the late Commissioner for Transportation Enugu State, Rt. Hon Chief M.J Ekweremadu. OON (Ezeigbo Dengi). It is of note that the late transport boss, through his close relationship with the governor, pulled through this position for the people of Aninri, and when was asked by the governor to suggest a nomination, he quickly pleaded to His Excellency, that Dr Charles Ajah be manned this position with a view he could remain committed and steadfast in line with the tenets of office loyalty, trustworthy and above all, maintained his oath of engagements, but unfortunately the ImT director boss, betrayed his late friend, when the later was still alive and in active service with the state as the transport commissioner.

Engr. Dr. Charles Ajah, have been seen in several occasions, romancing with the banditry in Ekweremadu’s camp since assuming office as the director of works ImT Enugu. It was on record that the first ImT contract job that was ceded to the director by the school management as part of his compensation while he continue to hold office in trust with servicing Sen Ekweremadu’s 2023 guber interest as against the zoning principle in Enugu since the nation’s return to democratically elected governance in 1999, was conspicuously given to one of Ekweremadu’s hitman in Aninri, whose company was used to retired #22,000,000.00 from his office to share amongst Ike’s boys in the local government. This is more dangerous to the people of the area as the media war against the governor from Aninri, intensifies day by day, through all and sundry sponsorship, especially from those the governor has politically empowered in different positions of authority from the local government since assumption to duty as the leader of the Enugu State government.

It has become a serious and major concern for some people, across the lengths and breadth in the state, that those empowered by the governor are the ones orchestrating and sponsoring media attacks on the administration of the governor. How can one just imagine this could be possible, if not from the nearly interrupted peaceful Aninri last Saturday’s PDP monthly meeting, where the ImT boss was captured on the video camera spraying monies as if he was acting a movie to those gangsters singing a derogatory song to prove a point that His Excellency, Rt Hon Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration has been rejected in Aninri and as such has done nothing in the local government, accept to them, Ike Ekweremadu is everything and the man they have chosen over the governor who provided them the platforms they are currently misusing to pay back to the state number one. Very regrettable, indeed.

The Aninri concern stakeholders have been carefully monitoring the activities of Engr. Dr. Charles Ajah, with Ekweremadu and his political midwives, surrogates in the local government, which on many occasions, the works ImT director was seen holding separate secret meetings with those tainting the image of the governor with an ugly picture to promote Ike’s chances of running for state plum job. He has somewhat nearly succeeded in infiltrating the well purposeful governor’s men with an attempt to dislodge their intimidating group and cause heavy traffic jams amongst them while he secretly enjoys his romance and long time established relationship with the Senator. For one to think of Engr. Charles Ajah, coming open to defend the cause of the governor in Aninri, is very laughable. Rather, he has been conspicuously empowering the anti Ugwuanyi’s group with the ImT sub-contracts to always stay in tune with financial stability and to lacks nothing in making sure that His Excellency, the governor, never succeeds in doing the right thing when considering who takes after him in office, as the 2023 elections continue to gather more momentum.

This is a call for sober reflection by the government of Enugu State, over this betrayal of loyalty, trust and expected sincere services to the state by those the governor has genuinely empowered in Aninri. Let it be thorough investigation, carried about this man, and immediate step taken. He has acted too far on this cause.


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