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Aninri Women & Gburugburu Women Aninri Chapter Refutes Hon Ezekel Chukwu and Chinedu Okwu Otaka lies

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Aninri is a local government that its political leadership, is unfortunately in the hands of opposition to the Governor and the Government of Enugu state ably led by the white lion of Enugu state Rt Hon Lawrence Ifeanyi uguwanyi. The people of Aninri due to their unflinching support to the Governor were favoured with two commissionership slot in appreciation of their resoluteness in following and supporting Rt Hon ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. We will forever be grateful to him for this show of magnanimity.
The mistake of the last local government election which threw up Hon Ezeikel chukwu is still reverberating and this has led to his continuous creation of confusion and misinformation to Aninri women in respect of the current zoning and rotation arrangement in Enugu state, even when he does not have the capacity to make certain declaration since there is a strong and vibrant party chairman in the person of Hon Victor okoro a well coordinated and articulate party man anyway the local government chairman has never and will never be a party man. Ezekiel chukwu, has severally led the onslaught on anti zoning because of some political interest that he is protecting that fraudlently brought him into power, whom the system has really over tolerated up till now.
The Executive Charman’s, intransigence was taken to another level, in the expanded PDP local government meeting held on Saturday the 11th day of September at KAMALU OSHI CENTRE were the chairman and the member representing Aninri at the state house of assembly, openly campaigned against zoning and said that whosoever that is finally agreed by the party to fly the flag of the PDP in 2023 elections would not be supported by them and at no time did Aninri women said anything to the contrary. Aninri women did not make any antagonising statement against the party position on zoning and will never make such, any statement they claim that was made, was the figment of imagination of the purveyors of anti zoning as represented by the trio of Ezeikel chukwu,chinedu okwu and Uche ogbonna.
It is of interest to note that, their stance is because of an Aninri son of PDP extraction who it is been rumoured that is contesting for governorship election in 2023.This is not the position of ANINRI women and Gburugburu movement women, Our position on zoning and rotation is very clear and we made this clear at different fora, starting from the passage of vote confidence on our governor to our solidarity on the just concluded ifemelumma rally which was a rally of equity and fairness. We are good party women that are ever willing to toe the direction of the party and the leader of the party and under no circumstance will we disrespect, disparage or go against the zoning and rotation formula of gubernatorial election in our party as deeply entrenched and nobody no matter his political leaning, status or position will intimidate Aninri women into working against the PDP position.
The Challenge in Aninri PDP is the local government Chairman Ezeikel chukwu and his cohorts in the person of Hon chinedu okwu and commissioner of labour and productivity whom have formed tripod falsehood dissemination, which advances alternative position that, is different from the party position as regards zoning.
We most candidly request that these characters that are agents of destabilization in our party be sanctioned by the appropriate authorities as their latest action on the September 11th PDP local government meeting is such that could cause trouble and chaos for the party in Aninri local government. Aninri women understand the place of equity, fairness and justice in a democracy. It is democratic when there is power inclusivity. It creates room for peace and an atmosphere of political certainty in occupation of elective positions even appointive ones in government .We are whole and entire in total support for zoning and rotation as embedded in the article of faith of our great party PDP both at the national, state and local government levels. All organs of our party, starting from BOT,NEC,NATIONAL CAUCUS believe in zoning and it was in that light of this that the national leadership in its wisdom , appointed the indefatigable ,all accommodating ,peace bearing governor of our state, His Excellency Rt Hon Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to use his God given knowledge to help PDP at the national level to do justice to zoning, it is therefore , antithetical for anybody in ANINRI OR ENUGU STATE to go against zoning. Anyone that does so, is an enemy of good governance,an enemy of the party, an enemy of the Governor and the government of Enugu state.
Aninri women appreciates His Excellency for remembering our mothers that he made commissioners in Enugu state civil service commission in the person of Mrs Stella Mathias Ekweremadu and Chief Mrs Amaka Alinta Oriaku who was appointed into judicial service commission. This is the first time any Governor has done this for Aninri women and NO LOCAL GOVERNMENT CHAIRMAN OR HOUSE ASSEMBLY MEMBER WILL CREATE A GULF BETWEEN US AND THE GOVERNMENT OF ENUGU STATE as we are resolute in our support for the party position on zoning and our support to the government of Rt Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.
Aninri women are solidly behind PDP
Aninri women are solidly behind Enugu state government
Aninri women are solidly for zoning and rotation
Aninri women will support the PDP candidate for zoning in 2023 Governorship Election.

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