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It is Ike stream in Agbada Nenwe it has washed off or separated the local made bridge, Ogweh, put in place by the community and has made passage of the stream, almost impossible, especially for school children.

Kindly forward the pictures to our good people of Aninri and Enugu government; and particularly to Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

If this message reaches them and amounts to nothing or they choose to do nothing , at least the image which, will be created and remain permanent in their memory, will ever and always remind them that the drowning of any child or human being in that stream and the blood so wasted, is tantamount or a direct result of their gluttonous greed in swallowing or diverting constituency fund; and will be on them and their Childern, also the inquiry will be remaining in their families

Kindly help me to remind Igwe Agbada , Ike Ekweremadu and Setraco that it is the same bridge which the Community requested them to assist in completing or constructing, in lieu of paid compensation for the massive latrite (sand) excavated from their land for construction of Nenwe-Oduma Road , but they chose to divert the money to themselves and their supporters, without care of the community’s plight. Let the pictures tell Igwe Agbada and Ike Ekweremadu, again and again, the misuse of their God given opportunity, in the leadership and betterment of their people.

The suffering of others may be the happiness of some, but evil done to anyone, up to the point of shedding of blood or tears does not go unforgotten or unheard, even in the spiritual realm, where God Almighty is the Supreme head.

Help me to tell Nwabueze Nwaobodo, the only recently opportuned Nenwe born Aninri Local Government Chairman, that this is the same bridge in Agbada which he used a private Bank account to divert the money emarked for the construction without doing it, at the long run. Ask him where the money for the bridge is now, and his current financial status, while still selling more of his properties for survival. Tell him that some knowledgeable people in Nenwe deliberately decide not to take him to EFCC, not because of his smartness, but for the sake of Nenwe.

While I shed tears for the plight of these young and innocent Nenwerians, as I watch their harrowing experience as depicted in the pictures and which will remain indelible in their memories, I also cry in anguish to Almighty God that he should give my People of Amaegu Agbada Nenwe and I what it takes to build or construct the bridge.

I am earnestly in tears, not because tears are easy to form and run down the chicks, through the aging eyes of a sixty year old man, but because my own people, my personal persons as Nigerians will put it, have all failed me.

My Friend, schoolmate and Igwe of Agbada has failed me for reclusively refusing to use his God given throne and authority to ask Setraco to do the bridge or assist the community in doing the bridge, for taking their land. This is because the Igwe was afraid or subservient of Ike Ekweremadu and for other pecuniary reasons, which is only best known to the Igwe. Now, the stream is hungry for blood! Are the gods to be blamed, when men failed abysmally in their roles????

I cry because my brother Nenwerian -Nwabueze Nwobodo, a past executive Local Government Chairman whom I had fed in my living quarters in Obalende Lagos in the Ninetees , had the mind to collude with others to siphons money meant for this bridge for their selfish aggrandizement. Now the undone bridge has paved express way to the stream to, violently and boisterously, seek the blood of the innocents.

I cry because Ike Ekweremadu, our long term serving Senator of 16years counting, believed and has consistently demonstrated that all constituency project are for MPU people and his pocket. He never see anything good in and for the great people of Nenwe. More so, some of the Political class in Nenwei who are his cronies never saw anything wrong in that , but continued to cluster and clamour around him, for crumbs falling from his exalted table in oder to salvage their unending petty appetites. Now the 10% from the #11 billon of the Nenwei oduma road which was taken to take care of his constituency via unverifiable services by some hidden companies was not enough. He went ahead to support the Road Construction Company Setraco, to take sand worth of million of Naira from Amaegu Agbada land , without constructing the said bridge as the community’s mutually agreed and accepted compensation.

I am still crying and asking for consolation by way of assistance by those who are in a position to do it. We are now writing letters to relevant authorities in Annril LGA, to our representative in Government, but your capability to forward the pictures and this message to them, is a great way to help.

Please, a little of history may also help here!
It may be recalled that Amaegu Agbada Nenwe is the last or youngest Village in Agbada. Of course Agbada is the last or youngest town in Nenwe. Referentially, Amaegu Agbada is the youngest village in Nenwe. Amaegu Agbada Nenwe is sandwiched in between two main rivers, sorry big streams – Ike (Ikete) stream and Okpa stream. These two streams stretching and transversing a greater part of Nenwei also terminate into one or formed a confluence in Amaegu Agbada Land, at Ogbakota Ike La Okpa, near Okpome village. All live activities leading to means of livelihood for the people of Amaegu are always truncated or punctuated by these two streams. No wonder the village of Amaegu was nicknamed ‘”Amaegu over-sea'” in the seventies. Life is always tough growing up in the community, because you can not go to farm, school, market etc at the peak of rainy season.. You must learn how to swim, in a hard and tortuous way, before you would be able to swim across to farm or school, with your school box containing your uniform and you swim “Nkwu-oto ” style, across the waters with the box raised up or hoe and knife raised up. Yes, we all did it, but 40 years after, it is agonizing to see these pictures, and recalling the horrific experience again!.

In the 1980s, the Amaegu Agbada people mustered courage and took the bull by the horn. They decided to construct the Okpa bridge without money at their disposal. It was like a joke! The entire Nenwei calked us “Ogba eka ekwe orokpo olu” Our self will, sheer determination and the grace of God made it possible. This is the same stream that you would pass going to Emudo from “Sign-board” bustop in Nenwe. We succeeded through communal. effort and the small-small contribution of everyone, our daily manual labour both young and old, men and women, boys and girls, and the unforgettable united effort of our first set of sons and daughters who moved to Lagos, immediately after the war. Lo and behold! Okpa stream which savoured the blood of people, Okpa bridge which became a mystical natural edifice judging the good and evil men to swallow while passing it was, surmounted and its power vanquished.

It was more of a pride to observe, some vehicles coming down to Agbada to ply the bridge enroute to Emudo, whenever the Emudo bridge became bad and unusable . Yes, we were proud that the bridge Emudo Ukwu la Ugwu Okpa, as a whole, could not do over the same stream with their millionair sons and daughters, tiny Amaegu Agbada village was able to do it. The bridge is now about 40 years, and still counting.

On the other hand, a bridge across Ike stream has continued to pose a problem. All community efforts made at two points in the stream had defied the local engineering knowledge. More expertise is needed, more fund above what the community can afford is needed, wider participation above the community level is needed, more determined effort and unity on the part of the community is needed.

Now, that you know and Nenwe is important to you, do not remain silent. The loss of a child, woman, man in that stream is a debt to our collective conscience, and therefore calls for collective responsibility., by Nenwe people. Send this message to our people in Government to assist us, speak to our people to help us, send it to Ike Ekweremadu to remind him of his constituency projects, allocations and spread or coverage. Send to our young Politician Chinedu Okaka , to take it up as his major and immediate constituency concern

Cheers everyone!.

Manzhi Clement Ebere


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