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Chime Giland was born in the family Of Chime family At Ugwouma village in Ogugu community , Awgu Local Government area , Enugu State.

Chime Giland was born and named Nnanna by his family and villagers.

When Chime Giland was at age of 13 , he decided to be answering Chime Ifebuchechukwu Giland instead of answering Chime Nnanna .

His reason was that the whole villagers named him Nnanna and that because of the type of community he comes from. He was afraid that the evil people might use the same name to manipulate him in the witch craft . Therefore, he decided to be answering Chime Ifebuchechukwu Giland.

Surprisedly , as life went on, still Chime Giland started encountering some strange attacks ; but after all said and done, he will still overcome the Circumstances.

Many attacks and Circumstances come once every year, but Chime Giland always overcame the circumstances and emerged victorious . Most of the spiritual attacks Chime Giland faces come once every year and it is something that can result to death, but he always overcomes.

Chime Giland village is a tough village in Ogugu community, where it is only the strongest that survives . But as time went on , chime Giland became so surprised on how he always comes out from every attacks and Circumstances he faces once every year. Even the family , good friends and well wishers of Chime Giland were not left out in being this surprised on how chime Giland bounces back to life after all the attacks and circumstances he faces once every year which ordinarily would have resulted to death.

One day, Chime Giland decided to visit a Priest in a village called Obodochukwu to make enquiry and to get a wise prophetic cousel from the priest in Obodochukwu concerning his predicament . Then , the priest opened his mouth and pronounced to Chime Giland “Nnanna you are welcomed”. ,He said “the community you come from is full of evils , but you were able to overcome the circumstances because of your name Nnanna” .

The priest also told Chime Giland that when he was born, light appeared in the name (Nnanna) given to him and that resulted in why after his birth, his mother was able to give birth to several male children to his father , Patrick Chime , who had been crying to God for a male child before he, Chime Giland , emerged as the first son.

Therefore Chime Giland you will start answering your original name ( Nnanna) given to you .



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