Chaos ensued in the states of Bayelsa and Delta following the murder of seven police officers in Ughelli, in the state of the Delta by the Special Anti-theft Team (SARS) for alleged involvement in armed robbery.

The seven policemen were reportedly shot dead during a shootout with Delta State SARS agents.

According to The Nation, a police sergeant attached to the Bayelsa State Command Armory was also arrested and transferred to the police headquarters, Abuja, for alleged supply of weapons to police theft suspects.

Although Bayelsa’s state command refused to issue an official development statement, police sources confirmed that the incident occurred on Wednesday evening last week.

Bayelsa State Police Commissioner Nkereuwem Akpan reportedly led a team of officers to the Delta State Command to recover the bodies of the seven police officers. A source reported that the ranks of the dead policemen varied from the sergeant to the body.

“The reported murder of seven policemen in the Delta state shooting is causing an uproar over the command,” the source said.

“It was reported that they were involved in armed robberies when they confronted Delta’s special anti-theft team in a shootout. They were all killed.

Delta State Police Commissioner Hafiz Inuwa said he was unaware of the development.

But another source from Bayelsa police command, who spoke anonymously, confirmed the development and said the incident occurred in Ughelli.  He said:

“What you said is true. But I don’t want to talk more. Also, don’t rule out an incorrect identity case. There were also some criminal reasons attributed to the police.

“They were found where they shouldn’t have been. They were carrying weapons and at the same time in mufti.  Bayelsa StateDelta StatePoliceSARS

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at the end they will blame insecurity on Buhari, how can he become police and be everywhere



There is no way all the seven Police men will agree to go and rub while on duty, there is more to this.



It’s a fake claim and shameful. SARS is a department greater by police organisation which any police officer can be posted to work. So why terming police officers to be armed robbers before SARS and seven of them were defeated by their colleagues? Were they not also trained the same way? There’s no truth yet, something is wrong somewhere.



Before buhari will finish from office many Nigerians will lose their lives ok because count how many Nigerians have been lost their lives

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