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Nigerian Police officers on duty
Insecurity: 73 killed, five kidnapped In violent attacks across Nigeria last week
Adejumo kabir
At least 73 people died in different violent attacks across Nigeria last week.
Among the dead were security operatives.
Also, no fewer than five people were kidnapped.
All the attacks in this report were either confirmed by the police or families of the victims.
No fewer than 11 persons were reportedly killed by armed bandits’ attacks on nine villages in Kankara local government area of Katsina State.
The villages attacked were Pauwa, Katoge, Danhayi, Gidan Guge, Kaurawa, Jan Bago, Kadanya, Gidan Kwaki and Lambar Kantoma.
According to a Gictz News   report, eight persons were killed in Katoge and three in Yar Kuka.
Angry villagers took the corpses to the palace of the Sarkin Pauwan Katsina, Yusuf Lawal, and later to the office of the Chairman of Kankara Local Government Area, Anas Isah Kankara.
Later, a funeral prayer was observed on the bodies before they were buried.
Also, a bloody clash between the Aiye and Eiye cult groups on Sunday evening in Badagry, Lagos State, left one person dead.
The deceased, simply identified as Kenny, was shot at Ahovikoh Quarters, Sango Iledudu, Badagry at about 5:30 p.m.
The Northern Governors Forumcondemned the killing of 25 people in Agatu, Benue State.
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